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Your Consultant is  Kayla Hernandez

My Story

  My name is Kayla Hernandez, Scentsy Director of Team Wickless Fireflies. I am so glad that you have stopped by my site to read my story! My Scentsy story begins around Christmas time 2011, I was a young wife and mother to a little girl Gracie. I was wanting to make some extra money for obvious reasons. I was an avid Teen Mom 2 viewer and on an episode I saw a warmer in an episode and I was very intrigued and curious. I got on the internet and did a lot of research and found Scentsy! I really loved the concept and was very interested in joining but as a lot of you can relate I was broke and didn’t have the money, or I was too cheap to come off the money and there was no way I was going to talk to my husband about it because he would discourage the thought of joining ANOTHER direct sales company! So after many days of thinking about it and losing sleep because I was up reading consultants stories and trying to find out as much about this company as I could, I called my mom and was asking her to do it with me! So she like any other mother gave me the money to join because she wasn’t really interested. The rest is honestly history! I had found my perfect sponsor, Wendy who lives clear across the country! I am so glad that I picked her! Although she is not local to me she has been a better mentor and leader to me than I can imagine anyone else for me! She has taught me to be the best leader, mentor, sponsor, and friend that I am able to be! I joined Scentsy for one reason – to make extra money. I wanted to put my little girl in gymnastics and not struggle more than we already were. If you told me on January 5, 2012 the day that I joined Scentsy that I would be able to quit my very well paid job at a well-known medical insurance company  in just 2 years I would have laughed. If you told me on that day that I would be earning free trips for doing something I enjoy I would have told you, “That’s only for the people who got in first or sell A LOT!” If you told me then what I know now I would have never hesitated! Here is that little girl when I started Scentsy! She was my pride and joy then, and still is to this day! She is my motivation to do what I do! Remember those trips that I was talking about? I NEVER would have thought that I (ME!!!) would have earned a free trip, let alone a trip for TWO! Here is a picture of my husband Alex (who was not a fan of Scentsy in the beginning) and I at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas all expenses paid by Scentsy. Remember how I told you that I was an AVID Teen Mom 2 viewer, if you ever told me two years ago that Scentsy would introduce me to my FAVORITE cast member, Kailyn Lowry I would have called you crazy! But because I was in the Bahamas and Kailyn was too, I got to meet her! Talk about being in ahhh! If I knew that Scentsy would have allowed me to quit that job that I absolutely hated going into every single day, I would have had no hesitation. But, like most I would not have believed a word you said, except I took a leap of faith and said I have nothing to lose! Since being in Scentsy we have grown our family, we now have a baby boy Gael! We have had a life change medical diagnosis! My baby girl, Gracie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes September 16, 2013 just a couple months after our second child was born! These two reasons were why I worked harder at my Scentsy business! So I was working 50+ hours a week, dealing with a newborn, being a wife, dealing with a horrible disease that I had absolutely no clue about, and running a business! Talk about busy! Here is my baby boy that is two weeks old and then a picture of Gracie in Diabetic Acoma!   I have many team members all of the Country. I sponsored a girl named Stephanie in January 2014 and we clicked! I decided to take my family to Orlando Florida where Stephanie lived on vacation and to meet Stephanie! If you told me that this candle company would have introduced me to some of my best friends and my absolute BEST FRIEND, besides my husband I would have not believed it! But here is a picture of my last night in Florida with my absolute best friend! I am so thankful for the Scentsy Family. I have been able to change my life and do things for and with my family that would not have been possible without Scentsy! Scentsy is a great opportunity that I believe no one should pass up! This is a 5 billion dollar company JUST GETTING STARTED! Join my team and I can teach you, mentor you, and help any way that I can to make YOUR DREAMS become REALITY! I am a phone call away, 217-381-3366 E-mail me with any questions that you may have and I will respond within 24 hours! Thanks for reading and again if you have any questions DO NOT HESITATE to call me any time! Kayla Hernandez – Scentsy Family Director  Scentsy or Velata Independent Consultants earn between 20 and 36 percent commissions and bonuses on personal sales and may be eligible for leadership bonuses based on their teams’ sales.   Results are not typical. For average Consultant earnings, see the About Compensation document located via the link below.